Our Fleet

Two Eight Drilling has a fleet that includes a variety of a equipment - our blast hole fleet consist of both track mounted and tire mounted drills in order to meet any of our customer's needs. The bulk of our fleet are production DTH machines (either track or truck mounted) to handle our customer high production volumes. These production machines are set up to drill 4” to 8.” holes. We also have 2 pioneer drills to handle any development work our customers may have. There are many reasons a customer might choose a track mounted vs. a truck mounted drill- our goal is to provide the machine a customer needs- to meet their geology needs and their budget.

In addition, to our blast hole drills we have 2 Atlas Copco T3W's to handle all of our water wells, cathodic protection, geothermal, and any other specialty drilling we may encounter. Those drills are very capable of drilling to depths of 2500 feet, setting up to 18" casing. To assist those drills we have a Atlas Copco 1050/350 auxiliary compressor. For onsite water we have a Mack support truck with a 2,000 gallon water tank that also carries our extra drill steel and casing.

Not only do we drill in hard rock formations we are set up to drill in soft formations too. When drilling in the soft formations we utilize our MP170-2SC Mud Puppy mud recycler with a 3x4 centrifugal mud pump. By having the Mud Puppy it gives us the ability to contain our mud giving us a clean working site. Site containment is a growing demand with our customers so we have made it a standard for our company.


Our fleet includes the following: 2007 T3W 50K, 1999 T3W 30K, T4BH, 13 - Driltech D40, Atlas Copco D65, Atlas Copco L6, Mack Support Rod Truck, IR 1050/350 Auxiliary Compressor, Grout Pump,Test Pumping Truck, and a Mud Puppy.