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Two Eight Drilling's company values are guiding principles that currently are a large part of the fabric that makes our company. In addition, these values should be used to guide our management and personnel in day-to-day decision-making.

Company Values

Hard work: Only through purposeful and diligent efforts towards a common goal can we achieve our mission to become an indispensable resource to our customers as well as our fellow workers. Hard work has long been associated with Construction and Mining. However, our employees are the best among the best. Hard work has been and will continue to be recognized at every level.

Integrity: One of our most fundamental values, integrity is the harmony between a fair and morally honest belief system and the correlating actions; it can be summed up by the equation: THINK = SAY = DO. Many of our tasks are performed with no supervision; therefore we must trust on another’s integrity. Our loyal service to our customers is demonstrated by our steadfast completion of our verbal and written obligations.

Equality: We value the diverse and multifaceted talents and aspirations of every employee within the company regardless of job title or position. Each employee is regarded as an asset because of the unique contribution of each that helps to make Two Eight Drilling a premier service provider.

Caring: All business relations, both internally, with employees, and externally, with customers, demand utmost attentiveness, respect and understanding. From the ownership down, caring has been and will continue to be a core value that makes Two Eight Drilling a great place to work.

Career Opportunities at Two Eight Drilling

Two Eight Drilling is a company committed to quality service and high standards through the employment of quality personnel. We employ individuals who believe and adhere to the basic principles listed in our set of company values: hard work, integrity, equality, and caring. Commitment to our company goal of serving our customers by applying the “Who do I serve?” mentality, the foundation of our Mission Statement, is essential to achieving our high standard of service.

We have a range of career opportunities from clerical to mechanical to drilling. At Two Eight Drilling, we offer top pay with a superior benefits package that includes 401K, Paid Time Off, and company vehicles. Customizable insurance options such as medical, life, vision, and dental are also available at low cost premiums.

Training is done on the job in a dynamic work environment, which will provide opportunities for development of job skills and personal growth. We are committed to providing equal opportunity employment to personnel without regard to race, religion, age, sex, creed, marital status, nationality, disability unrelated to one’s ability to perform work, or any other characteristics protected by law.

If you wish to become part of our team, please fill out our online application here